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Side Ancient Theater

Side Ancient Theater

The apple of Side Ancient City's eye

Some of the beautiful examples of Roman theaters, which give important clues about the cultural and social life of the period, are also found in Turkey. One of the most well-known of these theaters, which are present in almost all of the ancient cities lying on the Mediterranean coast, is in the ancient city of Side. The Theater, one of the best preserved works of old Side and located in the center of the city, was built in the 2nd century AD for 9,000 people. What distinguishes it from other Roman theaters in Anatolia is that it was not built on a hill slope. Only a part of the theater rests on the slope, but its floors are raised with columns and arches, and this is the only example you can encounter in Turkey.

The theater, which once staged shows, was transformed into an arena with the additions made in the third century AD, where gladiator fights were held, and served as an open-air church during the Byzantine period, continues to be used today by hosting concerts. Apart from its magnificent architecture, which is similar to the Colosseum, the famous theater of Rome, the theater also draws attention with its decorations that reveal the talents of the artists of the period.

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